Segment Integration

Integrate real-time data from Segment.

If you are using segment (in cloud mode), you can stream user interaction data to us in real-time without modifying your app. Instead, you can set up a webhook destination in segment to pipe relevant events to us.

Setting up the Webhook

  1. In your segment dashboard, add a new destination.

  2. Choose "Webhook" as the destination type.

  3. Name your webhook e.g. "Flike" and click "Save Destination"

  4. In the destination settings, click "Webhooks".

  5. As "Webhook URI", use${customerId},
    replacing ${customerId} with your Flike customer ID. Next, set the X-Api-Key
    header to your public Flike API key.

Testing the Webhook

You can use the “Event Tester” tab to send an event to our webhook manually, or just wait for events to start flowing into your app. The “Event Delivery” tab should not indicate any failures during event delivery.

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