Mux Integration

Integrate real-time video watch data from Mux Data.


Mux streaming data exports are only available on select Mux Data plans.

Flike integrates with Mux Data to obtain video interaction data in real time. We optionally also provide a JavaScript library to wrap the Mux Player with a convenient interface for getting recommendations or enabling auto-play of recommended videos.

Integrating Mux Data

  1. Log in to your mux dashboard and click Settings → Streaming Exports → New streaming export.
  2. Choose the environment (e.g. Production) you want to integrate and set the Service to Google Cloud Pub/Sub.
  3. Use the following Pub/Sub topic name, where ${customerId} is your Flike customer Id:
  4. Click Enable export - that's it!

Integrating with the Mux Player

We provide a JavaScript package @flike/mux-player-plugin to integrate into the Mux Player. This plugin automatically uses the viewer-user-id set in the player, and provides convenient options such as enabling auto-play of recommended videos.

import FlikeMuxPlayerPlugin from '@flike/mux-player-plugin'

const muxPlayer = document.getElementById('my-mux-player')
const recommender = FlikeMuxPlayerPlugin.attach(muxPlayer, {
  apiKey: 'public.ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ', // your public API key
  autoplayNext: true,
  autplayWaitDuration: 3,

// fetch 4 recommeded videos
const nextVideos = await recommender.recommend(4)
// [ { assetId: 'xyz', probability: 0.4804032 }, ... ]

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