Migrating to v0.6

We've made some minor changes to our API that help us better address the various growing needs of our customers. This guide helps you upgrade from previous versions to our v0.6 - but don't worry, we'll keep supporting all our previous versions as long as they are still being used.

What Changed

  • You can now use multiple models from the same API key, instead of having to maintain multiple cryptic API keys for each use case.
  • We've merged all real-time recommendation endpoints into a single, unified API endpoint

How to Migrate

  • Instead of calling /v0/recommender/recommend, you now call /v0/recommenders/{model_name}, where model_name is the name of your recommender. You can get a list of all your models by querying /v0/recommenders.
  • Instead of calling /v0/recommender/next for infinite-scroll recommendations, you now call /v0/recommenders/{model_name} with the sessionId returned from previous calls.
  • Make sure your API key has the form public.<xyz> or, for sensitive operations, secret.<abc>. The old, implicitly public format of <xyz> is deprecated; just prepend public. to it to switch to the new, explicit format.