Getting Started

Flike is the API that makes you a personalization expert. With just a few simple API calls, surface personalized, highly engaging results to your users.

The Flike recommendation engine can be applied to any domain that has a catalog of items and is interacted by a large number of users.

These docs explain everything you need to know to get started with Flike. You’ll be up and running in no time!

You can obtain your API credentials by contacting us. Once set up, move on to the Real-Time Integration and API Reference.


Authentication to the API is handled by three separate tokens:

  • Your customerId is your public identifier telling us who you are.
  • Your public API key is the key used for non-sensitive APIs, such as pulling recommendations for specific user ids. Feel free to embed this key into your client-side code.
  • Your secret API key is the secret key used to connect to sensitive APIs, such as the batch prediction endpoints that contain sensitive user information. Do not share this key, and in particular pay attention not to embed it into your client-side code.

The secret API key grants access to all endpoints, while the public API key is restricted only to non-sensitive endpoints.